Monday, April 23, 2012

Disable Credant Mobile Guardian

Since we all used to have laptops, the company had asked us to install a new software, Credant mobile guardian, for encrypting data on the hard disk. After installing it, the restart dialog kept coming as many times as it was rebooted. Finally, frustrated, I renamed the file name in c:\Windows\System32\CmgShieldUI.exe to CmgShieldUI_.exe and CmgShieldSvc.exe to CmgShieldSvc_.exe

Then, kill CmgShieldUI.exe from task manager (For n00bs out there, 'kill' means 'End process').
Hover over the tray icon & it disappears!

Also it might be a good idea to remove these from startup (msconfig).

Monday, April 9, 2012

Use options,

--trace-ascii (Use - for stdout)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Permanent Redirect in Apache

If you would like to redirect all traffic to an apache web server to the server's FQDN, e.g. redirecting http://myserver/ to, you can easily achieve this using a two VirtualHost entries in your Apache config file.

On Ubuntu, the file to edit is /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default. Find your original declaration, and add a ServerName field with the server's FQDN (fully qualified domain name):

        ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
        # rest of real config

 Now create another VirtualHost entry below this one, with the local name of the server (e.g. myserver) and a Redirect statement that redirects to the FQDN:

        ServerName myserver
        Redirect permanent /

After applying these changes, restart apache using service apache2 restart. Now when visiting http://myserver you should be automatically redirected to

Webcal timezone fix

When using web cal 1.2.x, events were all showing in Eastern time. Events previously scheduled at 9am PT were now showing up as 12n ET. Even when you change the timezone in the WebUI settings page, web cal always shows the current GMT offset as -4. 

The problem is that there are two variables 'TIMEZONE' and 'SERVER_TIMEZONE'.Only one is changed using the WebUI. So you need to login the database manually using phomyadmin and set the timezone correctly on both variables.

mysql> update webcal_config set cal_value="America/Los_Angeles" where cal_setting="TIMEZONE";
mysql> update webcal_config set cal_value="America/Los_Angeles" where cal_setting="SERVER_TIMEZONE";