Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Installing Windows 7 from a External Drive

Follow the Steps below to get it working.

1. Format the drive to make sure it has enough space to extract the Windows 7 ISO.
2. Extract the Windows 7 ISO on the external drive.
3. Make the partition active, so the drive can boot from it.
4. Make the drive bootable by using the commands below as the administrator
  1. Change directory to the DVD’s boot directory where bootsect lives:
    cd d:\boot
  2. Use bootsect to set the USB as a bootable NTFS drive prepared for a Vista/7 image. I’m assuming that your USB flash drive has been labeled disk G:\ by the computer:
    bootsect /nt60 g:
  3. You can now close the command prompt window, we’re done here.
5. Boot from the USB device.