Thursday, January 27, 2011

Change screenshot save location on MACOS

By default, anytime you take a screen capture in Mac OS X it will save the screenshot file to the current users desktop. You can adjust where Mac OS X saves a captured screenshot to any other location, here is how to do this:

Launch Terminal and use the following syntax:

defaults write location /path/

For example, if I want to have the screenshots appear in my Pictures folder, I would use:

defaults write location ~/Pictures/

To have the changes take effect, you then must type:

killall SystemUIServer

So the next time you take a screenshot (or as Windows converts like to say, Print Screen on a Mac), the screenshot file will appear at the location you specified.

You can change the saved screenshot location back to the default setting by specifying the desktop again:

defaults write location ~/Desktop/

Again, you’d need to kill SystemUIServer for changes to take effect.