Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google Search shortcut in Safari

To do a Google search in Firefox, you can simply press Command-K. I really like that. The default keyboard settings in Safari, on the other hand, are a bit more annoying. To do a Google search you must press Command-Option-F — quite a complicated keystroke for something you may commonly do. Pressing Command-K toggles popup blocking on and off — something I’d never want to do.
Here is how you can make Command-K the keystroke for doing a Google search in Safari, killing two birds with one stone:
1. Open System Preferences.
2. Click on Keyboard & Mouse.
3. Click on Keyboard Shortcuts.
4. Click the “+” to add a new shortcut.
5. Choose “Safari” from the Application menu.
6. Type “Google Search…” (without the quotes) into the Menu Title field. Those three dots are an ellipses, formed by typing Option-semicolon (not three periods).
7. Press Command-K in the Keyboard Shortcut field.
8. Click “Add”.
9. Close and reopen Safari.
Pressing Command-K will now cause the cursor to move to the Google search box!